A Great Book: Silverlight and ASP.NET Revealed

29 Jan

Silverlight and ASP.NET Revealed book cover

As you all know, my fascination with Microsoft Silverlight keeps growing. The experience of creating rich multimedia interfaces with the power and flexibility of Flash, but with the extensibility and the great tools that .NET offers… Hmm. To me, sounds like a piece of heaven!!
Hunting around for Silverlight books, I came by Silverlight and ASP.NET Revealed, I was glad to read through a short, concise and yet excellent mix of fundamentals of Microsoft’s Silverlight technology in conjunction with advanced programming techniques of ASP.NET and Visual Studio 2008. 

Nice and easy, it teaches to incorporate Silverlight into an ASP.NET web site and use the ASP.NET controls that render Silverlight content. (I think is proper to point out that Silverlight and ASP.NET Revealed assumes that the reader has a deep knowledge of ASP.NET, but little or no knowledge of Silverlight)

Here’s some Info, just in case you want to take it for a spin:

Silverlight and ASP.NET Revealed By Matthew MacDonald

ISBN13: 978-1-59059-939-6

ISBN10: 1-59059-939-X

50 pp.

Published Dec 2007

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