Photo Synth

02 May

Yep! Seems I’m out looking for it… As many of you know I really like to fool around with Photoshop, and quite recently with Expression Blend. I really like to be able to play around with my photographs and videos “a tad over the usual line” and this really blew me away! so, allow me to introduce my new Photo-Toy:


Try it

Photosynth is an amazing new technology from Microsoft Live Labs that will change forever the way you think about digital photos. This little piece of software takes a large collection of photos of a place or an object, analyzes them for similarities, and displays them in a reconstructed three-dimensional space.

With Photosynth you can:

  • Walk or fly through a scene to see photos from any angle.
  • Seamlessly zoom in or out of a photo whether it’s megapixels or gigapixels in size.
  • See where pictures were taken in relation to one another.
  • Find similar photos to the one you’re currently viewing.
  • Send a collection – or a particular view of one – to a friend.

Sounds a little too good to be true? The NASA collection!! (It really knocked my socks off)

Photosynth NASA


Enough with the  mushy comments, let’s check the important stuff!
System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Only Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista RC1 or later are supported at this time.
  • Web Browser: IE6, IE7, Firefox 1.5 and Firefox 2.0
  • Memory: 256 MB of memory is a bare minimum; 1GB recommended.
  • Disk: This technology preview uses almost no disk space. The ActiveX control is less than 5MB in size, and no local disk storage is used when the code is running.
  • Graphics: Photosynth has been tested on graphics cards that are “Vista Aero Ready”. This includes: support for DirectX 9 graphics with a WDDM driver, 128 MB of graphics memory (minimum), and 32 bits per pixel. If you want to find out whether your card is suitable, the Vista Upgrade Advisor tool will tell you. Photosynth may run on cards that do not meet this requirement, but performance may be poor and functionality may be impaired.


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  1. revile

    May 28, 2008 at 6:29 am

    revile says : I absolutely agree with this !


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