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RIA Wars: Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe AIR, Mozilla Prism

Adobe AIRMozila Prism 


Well folks, we saw this comming a mile away!

In the brave new world of the Web2.0, RIAs (Rich Internet Applications) there is no room for slackers, and now we can enjoy not one or two but three choices to develop and deliver (and why not: ENJOY) Internet in a new and sophisticated way.

Microsoft Silverlight

My personal Favorite.

Microsoft Silverlight is a versatile cross-browser, cross-platform, and cross-device plug-in for delivering the next generation of .NET based media experiences and rich interactive applications for the Web.

Silverlight Runtime – Feature Matrix

Cross-Browser Support for Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera    
Cross-Platform Support for Windows and Mac (and Linux through the Moonlight Project)    
2D Vector Animation/Graphics    
AJAX Support    
HTML DOM Integration    
HTTP Networking    
Canvas Layout Support    
JavaScript Support    
Silverlight ASP.NET Controls (asp:media, asp:xaml)    
XAML Parser (based on WPF)    
Media – 720P High Definition (HD) Video    
Media – Audio/Video Support (VC-1, WMV, WMA, MP3)    
Media – Image Support  (JPG, PNG)    
Media Markers    
Windows Media Server Support    
Support for Visual Basic.NET and C#; Common Language Runtime (CLR) based languages    
Support for IronPython, IronRuby, Managed JScript, and other Dynamic Language Runtime (DLR) based languages    
Rich Core Framework (e.g. Generics,  collections)    
Layout controls including StackPanel and Grid    
Full suite of Controls (TextBox, RadioButton, Slider, Calendar, DatePicker, DataGrid, ListBox, TabControl, and others)    
Managed Control Framework    
Templating Model    
Visual State Manager    
Isolated Storage    
Deep Zoom Technology    
Media – DRM Powered by PlayReady    
Media – Windows Media Audio 10 Professional support    
Media – MediaStreamSource for managed code media file parser and protocol extensibility    
High quality resizing    
Media – Basic SSPL Support    
Cross Domain Network Access    
Easy access to server-side data via Web Services    
Direct access to TCP sockets    
Interoperability with SOAP and REST services, including support for XML, JSON, RSS and Atom data formats    
LINQ (including LINQ to XML, LINQ to JSON, and LINQ to Entities)    
Duplex communications (“push” from Server to Silverlight client)    
Data Binding    
ADO.NET Data Services    
Managed HTML Bridge    
Managed Exception Handling    
.NET Framework Security Enforcement    
Type Safety Verification    
Enhanced Keyboard Input Support    
File Upload Support (via WebClient API)    
WPF Compatibility    
Remote Debugging (PC and Mac)    

Silverlight’s support for .NET, High Definition video, cost-effective advanced streaming, unparalleled high-resolution interactivity with Deep Zoom technology, and controls, businesses can reach out to new markets across the Web, desktop, and devices.

Silverlight Media Encoder
Silverlight Media Encoder

Let’s not forget that the brand new Silverlight 2.0 is also integrated on the SURFACE project (Multi-tactile GUI)

Silverligth 2.0 with Surface 2.0

Silverligth 2.0 with Surface 2.0

.Net Interaction with Silverlight

.Net Interaction with Silverlight

Adobe AIR

Adobe® AIR™ runtime lets developers use proven web technologies to build rich Internet applications that deploy to the desktop and run across operating systems.

Google 3D Maps Made with Adobe Air

Google 3D Maps Made with Adobe Air

Adobe AIR offers an exciting new way to engage customers with innovative, branded desktop applications, without requiring changes to existing technology, people, or processes.


Mozilla Prism

In essence, Mozila Prism is an application that lets users split web applications out of their browser and run them directly on their desktop.

A look into Prism

(A plus side of this, is that it lets users add their favorite web apps to their desktop environment and when invoked, these applications run in their own window)

They are accessible with Control-Tab, Command-Tab, and Exposé, just like desktop apps. And users can still access these same applications from any web browser when they are away from their own computers.

Undocked Google Calendar


Adobe Air:

Microsoft Silverlight:

Mozilla Prism:

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Next .Net Community Reunion

Tema: Desarrollando en Componentes VSTO 2008 ( Tema de Lanzamiento 2008 )
Expositor: Manolo Herrera (MVP Visual Client Application). 
Fecha: 25 de junio del 2008. 
Horario: 18:30 a 20:30 horas.
Lugar: Universidad Galileo 4to nivel torre I. 
Otros: Se rifaran Licencias VSTO 2008, SQL 2008 y Server 2008. 
El que lleve mas amigos tendrá un kit de licencias de promoción del lanzamiento de VSTO 2008, Sql 2008 y Server 2008.  También habrán vouchers para rifar.

Parqueo No inlcuido.

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Photo Synth

Yep! Seems I’m out looking for it… As many of you know I really like to fool around with Photoshop, and quite recently with Expression Blend. I really like to be able to play around with my photographs and videos “a tad over the usual line” and this really blew me away! so, allow me to introduce my new Photo-Toy:


Try it

Photosynth is an amazing new technology from Microsoft Live Labs that will change forever the way you think about digital photos. This little piece of software takes a large collection of photos of a place or an object, analyzes them for similarities, and displays them in a reconstructed three-dimensional space.

With Photosynth you can:

  • Walk or fly through a scene to see photos from any angle.
  • Seamlessly zoom in or out of a photo whether it’s megapixels or gigapixels in size.
  • See where pictures were taken in relation to one another.
  • Find similar photos to the one you’re currently viewing.
  • Send a collection – or a particular view of one – to a friend.

Sounds a little too good to be true? The NASA collection!! (It really knocked my socks off)

Photosynth NASA


Enough with the  mushy comments, let’s check the important stuff!
System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Only Windows XP SP2 and Windows Vista RC1 or later are supported at this time.
  • Web Browser: IE6, IE7, Firefox 1.5 and Firefox 2.0
  • Memory: 256 MB of memory is a bare minimum; 1GB recommended.
  • Disk: This technology preview uses almost no disk space. The ActiveX control is less than 5MB in size, and no local disk storage is used when the code is running.
  • Graphics: Photosynth has been tested on graphics cards that are “Vista Aero Ready”. This includes: support for DirectX 9 graphics with a WDDM driver, 128 MB of graphics memory (minimum), and 32 bits per pixel. If you want to find out whether your card is suitable, the Vista Upgrade Advisor tool will tell you. Photosynth may run on cards that do not meet this requirement, but performance may be poor and functionality may be impaired.


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A new Beginning? .Net Community

 .Net Community Launch 2008

Universidad Galileo

7 Avenida, Calle Dr. Eduardo Suger Cofino
Edificio Manuel F. Ayau, Zona 10 Guatemala Guatemala Guatemala

Languages: Español.
Products: SQL Server Visual Studio.
Audiences: Developer.


Event Id:

General Information:

.Net Developer Community

Featured Technologies:

  • C#
  • Silverlight
  • SQL Server
  • LINQ



  • José Rolando Guay
    • Carlos Lone

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MSDN Tour Guatemala

Today, I got a Special Invitation for our first MSDN Tour 2008.

If you didn’t get the invite, Allow me to treat you:

Feliz año para toda la comunidad de Desarrollo de Guatemala. Estamos arrancando un nuevo año y queremos iniciarlo de la mejor manera. Para ello queremos invitarlos al MSDN Tour, para el cual hemos preparado un contenido que seguro ayudará a enriquecer sus conocimientos en .NET. En eta ocasión le hemos denominado EXTREME SESSION WITH .NET donde tendremos cuatro temas donde se discutirán distintos aspectos de la tecnología .NET. Esperamos poder contar con su presencia y apoyo en esta nueva edición de año nuevo:

Tema: Exteme Session with .Net

Tema 1: (Marlon Ramos)

–           Visión

–           Requerimientos y Casos de Uso

–           Desarrollo

–           Pruebas

–           Cambios

Tema 2: (Manolo Herrera)

–           Estándares de Código

–           Uso de Componentes

–           Ejemplo (FX Cop)

Tema 3: (Carlos Lone)

–           Pruebas (metodología ágil) TDD Concepto

–           Ejemplo (Uso de Nunit, MbUnit, etc)

Tema 4: (Cristian Prieto)

–           Pruebas de Integración

–           Control de Versiones

–           Ejemplo ( Subversión, Team System)


Hotel Intercontinental – Salón Guayacán


Miércoles 30 de Enero, 2008. 17:00 Horas


14 Calle 2-51 Zona 10 Edificio Intercontinental, Guatemala C.A. 01010

Nivel de la Charla: Intermedio (200)

Reserve su espacio a tiempo. Cupo Limitado.

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A Great Book: Silverlight and ASP.NET Revealed

Silverlight and ASP.NET Revealed book cover

As you all know, my fascination with Microsoft Silverlight keeps growing. The experience of creating rich multimedia interfaces with the power and flexibility of Flash, but with the extensibility and the great tools that .NET offers… Hmm. To me, sounds like a piece of heaven!!
Hunting around for Silverlight books, I came by Silverlight and ASP.NET Revealed, I was glad to read through a short, concise and yet excellent mix of fundamentals of Microsoft’s Silverlight technology in conjunction with advanced programming techniques of ASP.NET and Visual Studio 2008. 

Nice and easy, it teaches to incorporate Silverlight into an ASP.NET web site and use the ASP.NET controls that render Silverlight content. (I think is proper to point out that Silverlight and ASP.NET Revealed assumes that the reader has a deep knowledge of ASP.NET, but little or no knowledge of Silverlight)

Here’s some Info, just in case you want to take it for a spin:

Silverlight and ASP.NET Revealed By Matthew MacDonald

ISBN13: 978-1-59059-939-6

ISBN10: 1-59059-939-X

50 pp.

Published Dec 2007

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First .Net Developer Reunion 2008

Subject: Nuevos Features para ASP.NET en Visual Studio 2008

Speaker: Luis Alfaro ( MVP C#)

Date: January 23 2008

Time: 6:30 P.M. – 8:30 P.M.
Place: Hotel Intercontinental
Cost: Free

Coffee Break, Parking and Prizes

Comunidad de Desarrolladores .NET en Guatemala, con Apoyo de Microsoft Guatemala

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